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6-Week Beginner Level 1

June 27 ~ August 1 from 2-5pm

  • Starts Jun 27
  • 375 Canadian dollars


If you are new to ceramics and want to dive head-first into hand building, this 6-Week course was made just for you! We are not here to police your creations, but to give you a BOOST of confidence and guidance as you begin your journey into the world of creating with clay. We have our studio examples, but feel free to bring in your OWN inspirations to step outside of the box and create something you are excited about bringing home! Have a blast choosing from our over 70 kinds of glazes to completely customize your work to fit any space or function. You will learn basic techniques in construction and glazing to create wonderful pieces that you can be proud of! Please check back for an updated course outline soon :)

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