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6-Week Beginner Level 2

June 25 ~ July 30 from 2-5pm

  • Starts Jun 25
  • 375 Canadian dollars


Welcome to the Eccentric Artist Studio; we are happy to have you with us! If you are looking to improve your hand building skills, this class is for you. You will be spending more time on intentional construction and refining your finishing skills. Your projects will be more purposeful and you will focus on designing them from start to finish. We will have our studio examples, however, you will be expected to bring in your OWN inspirations to create something you are excited about taking home! This will include some specifications to be used in the design and construction of your class projects. This is intended to help you bring out your own style while getting a better grasp on functional construction. You will continue to work with traditional hand building construction techniques and delve deeper into glazing. You will make your own glaze tiles or project so you gain a better understanding of how to get the finished look you want. As always, we are not here to police your creations, but to give you a BOOST of confidence and guidance as you continue your journey into the world of creating with clay. When the class is finished, please feel welcome to use the Eccentric Artist Studio as a resource to continue your journey into the vast world of clay. Please check back for an updated course outline soon :)

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