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Block Printing w/ Erasers

June 28 ~ 1:30-3:30pm OR 6-8pm

  • 60 Canadian dollars


Master the use of positive and negative space to create your own work of art that you can print over and over again! Block printing is a method of printmaking involving carving a relief image usually into wood or linoleum. While Woodblock printing is a difficult and ancient method of printmaking that was popularized in East Asia, linoleum began to be used in the 1890s in Europe as an alternative and less labor intensive medium. This class will focus on the linoleum cutting method, used on synthetic rubber erasers. In this class you will learn how to: ~ Create an image that will translate clearly to a print ~ Transfer your image onto an eraser ~ Safely carve your eraser ~ Properly inking your eraser ~ Print on paper and fabric ~ Clean and maintain your eraser ~ Source supplies and recreate this workshop at home At the end of the class you will take home: ~ Multiple paper prints ~ Set of blank cards to decorate ~ 1 Customized fabric pencil case ~ Reusable carved erasers that you can use to print your image over and over ~ Resources for further exploration into the world of block-printing All supplies and materials are included in the cost of the workshop. You will be asked to design your own image for printing. You can draw something before the workshop, in the workshop, or feel free to bring some printed images in with you. All discovery workshops are adaptable for beginners and those with more advanced skills and experience.

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