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Citronella Burner

Friday, July 12 ~ 3-5pm OR 6-8pm

  • 60 Canadian dollars


If you HATE mosquitoes and LOVE ceramics, then this class if for you! With all of us soaking up the sun rays and beautiful West Coast weather, you’ve more than likely been pestered by the most annoying blood suckers on Earth… Tell those mosquitoes “Bug off!” with a citronella burner that was handmade for your patio/deck by you! In this workshop, you will be able to experiment with your creative side and create unique textures, shapes, and patterned surfaces for your burners. Make them to suit your home décor, style, and function! In this workshop, you will learn: - Rolling and cutting slabs - Surface finishing - How to create textures and patterns After this workshop your piece will be bisque fired and you are able to pick up and use it right away! These citronella burners have been designed to be functional without glaze, however you you can return to glaze the piece during one of our "Glazing 101" workshops which is included in the cost of your class! It is a one-hour intro to glazing that will teach you how to glaze the piece you’ve made. Alternatively, you may choose a single color that we will glaze for you. After glazing the piece will be glaze fired and you can expect your piece to be ready for pickup 2-3 weeks after you have glazed. We will always contact you for pickup.

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