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Cyanotypes - Harness the Sun!

Friday, July 5 ~ 3-5pm

  • 60 Canadian dollars


Harness the power of the sun to make beautiful silhouetted images. Discovered in 1842, Cyanotype is an historic photographic process that uses sunlight to capture a negative silhouetted image on a striking deep blue background. Used throughout history by everyone from architects to botanists, the cyanotype process is incredibly diverse and can be utilized in many ways in your artistic practice. In this class you will learn: ~ How to mix chemicals and and prepare the surfaces ~ Historical uses for the process ~ Printing on paper and fabric ~ Rinsing and fixing the prints ~ Where to get the needed supplies ~ How to do this at home ~ Ways you can further researching this process at home At the end of the day you will take home multiple paper cyanotype prints, a fabric tote bag and pencil case with beautiful blue prints. We will be providing items for printing, however feel free to bring plants, small trinkets, or anything you think will create an intriguing silhouette. All discovery workshops are adaptable for beginners and those with more advanced skills and experience.

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