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Open Studio

$20/hour includes: 1 kg of clay, glazes & all firings.

Additional clay is available for purchase.

About Open Studio

Drop-ins welcome, however booking in advance is recommended to secure a spot. If you would like to use our pottery wheel during Open Studio, please book in advance since we have a limited number available for use.

Upon completion of Beginner Level 1 class (or equivalent level of experience) you are eligible to participate in our Open Studio times to continue your skill building of clay techniques including: clay bodies, glazes, creative and functional forms.


This time is for practicing and improving skills you have learned, not instruction time.

A studio tech will be there to assist but this is to be considered independent working time.


If you have not used our studio before you must attend a 15 minute orientation bookable Saturday or Sunday. See below for orientation bookings.

The best part? At the end, you take your dirty clay tools to the sink and move your piece to an area where it won't be damaged. After that you are welcome to leave without lifting another finger.

If you are feeling ill please do not come to the studio, we will make arrangements with you to reschedule.

If you are itching to create or glaze, please give us a call to let us know that you are coming! We close EARLY if we have no bookings or call aheads. We close the studio promptly at the end of the day.

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Open Studi Hours

Studio Orientation Schedule

15-minute Studio Orientations are bookable Saturday or Sunday through the year. If you would like to book an orientation, or Open Studio Hours, please contact us or see below.

Open Studio Hours




Wednesday............ 10am-9pm




If you are itching to create or glaze, please give us a call to let us know that you are coming! We close EARLY if we have no bookings or call aheads.

Book Open Studio Time

Studio Supplies

Studio Supplies

We always have a large variety of stamps, imprint tools, pattern makers, and standard clay tools. If there is a specific design or tool you are looking to use, please contact us to check or you are welcome to supply your own.


Clays we offer:

  • Plainsman M370 (midrange cone 5/6)

    • More plastic than porcelains but semi-vitreous, fires white in colour.

  • Plainsman M340GS (midrange cone 5/6)

    • Well suited to throwing, fires yellow-buff in colour with speckles.


Glazes we offer:

  • 33 Mayco Stroke & Coat "Wonderglazes"

  • 27 Speedball underglazes

  • 36 Clay Art Center overglazes

  • Clear glossy glaze for dipping

  • More to come!


We also have a small "greenhouse" to keep projects wet overnight and slow drying. We are currently scheduling bisque fire and glaze fire in consecutive weeks from each other.


We currently have one (1) wheel in the studio for booking. Please contact us about booking the wheel before you book your Open Studio time. Pricing is at the same rate as regular Open Studio with the same inclusions: 1kg of clay, glazes and all firings. Additional clay is available for purchase as we understand 1kg of clay can be used in a blink on the wheel.

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