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Kiln Firing

Rent space to fire your own work. 

Either by the piece, shelf or the entire kiln.

More About Renting Space in the Kiln

Shelf Size: 21"W x 21"D x 9" H

By appointment only, please contact us before dropping off your work!

Maximum height for a piece is 9 inches. Maximum length for a piece is 20 inches. We are able to accommodate TALLER pieces which are subject to a different charge.

Clays we use:

  • Plainsman M370 (midrange cone 04 bisque, cone 5/6 glaze)

    • More plastic than porcelains but semi-vitreous, fires white in colour.

  • Plainsman M340GS (midrange cone 04 bisque, cone 5/6 glaze)

    • Well suited to throwing, fires yellow-buff in colour with speckles.

If you have clay which fires at a different temperature, we can accommodate by renting the entire kiln at a reasonable rate.

All accepted pieces are up to our ceramics instructor's discretion. We will only accept glazed pottery that has fully clean foot rings. All pieces must have half inch (1/2") of exposed clay at the bottom.

Although your homebrews are fascinating, we kindly ask that you bring in a similar piece to the studio that has been previously glaze fired for our Kiln Master to approve that glaze for firing.



We are not responsible for your piece if the glaze runs and causes the piece to stick to the kiln shelf. If this occurs, please be aware that to remove the piece from the shelf, it is unlikely to survive. Grinding of the kiln shelf is the only method in "fixing" a shelf that has glaze hardened onto it. There is a fee depending on the severity of the damage and we don't want any sad faces; please be mindful!


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Kiln Rental Pricing

Kiln Rental Pricing

Shelf Size: 21"W x 21"D x 9"H

Bisque Firing:

$0.0065/g by piece


Glaze Firing:

$0.004/g by piece

$10.00 per tray (10.5"x15")

9 inch maximum piece height.

20 inch maximum piece length.


Entire Kiln Rental:


20 inch maximum piece height.

20 inch maximum piece length.

Contact us for larger piece pricing.

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Firing Schedule

Bisque Firings:

Loading - Wednesday

Firing - Thursday

Cooling - Friday

Unload - Sat or Sun

Glaze Firings:

Loading - Sunday

Firing - Monday

Cooling - Tuesday

Unload - Wednesday

Pickup for bisqueware or finished pieces on the day of unloading will be between 4-5pm.​ We do not fire “rush” pieces. All work is fired on a first come first serve basis, with in-house student work always taking priority.

This schedule may change due to uncontrollable circumstances like weather or malfunction.

Please contact us about our upcoming firings.

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