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How We Work

With Our Students

Working with Adults

We typically lean towards a more student-driven approach to teaching. In each class or workshop, you will be taught a creative technique, however you are not required to follow our class example. We would prefer that you go home with something you LOVE rather than something you were "put in a box" to create. We are here to boost you and your creativity - not to limit you!


We expect all students to show up on time because our classes start on time. If you need to complete payment beforehand, please come early so that we may begin class on time. Prepayment before sessions begin is required for all art classes and workshops!

Working with Children

We typically lean towards a more student-driven approach to teaching children. In each class or workshop, your child will be taught a creative technique, however they are not required to follow our class example down to the millimeter. We would prefer that your kid goes home with something they LOVE rather than something that they were "put in a box" to create. We are here to boost them and their creativity - not to limit it!

Although we try to best meet the needs of your child, we are not fully equipped to manage every situation that may arise. The Eccentric Studio is a teaching space, however, not an educational institution with the appropriate facilities to manage behavioral issues. Having happy children in the studio space is incredibly important to the owner. With this in mind, the Eccentric Staff have been provided with a presentation from a previous educator to teach us how to better understand and accommodate children with ADHD or who may be on the neurodivergent spectrum. From this presentation, we've gathered tools for our staff and space to be able to improve how we work with neurodivergent children. For example, we have implemented a simple list of rules (such as no running), a calm space at a studio table with fidget toys, colouring pages and short books, and this intake form.


We are confident that we have been better equipped to work with neurodivergent children and are excited to move forward with parents to provide a truly safe space for children to explore creatively. Although we have been given some of the tools we would need, we would like to emphasize that our staff have not been formally trained to behaviourally support your child, however we have been, and will continue to be, more than happy to try our absolute best to work with everyone despite any potential difficulties.


When you register your child, you will receive an email with an intake form. Alongside our intake form will be the option to sign your child up for their own 15-minute studio orientation to familiarize them with the space before they visit us for class. If your child would benefit from this, please click on the button below to sign them up.


Kids’ Clay Classes Studio Rules:

  1. No running, please!

  2. Respect the studio space and each other.

  3. Hands to yourself and your own projects.

  4. Stay away from the kiln, it is extremely hot!

  5. Try everything once! You might LOVE it!

Consequences System:

First Instance: A gentle verbal warning will be given, explaining their behaviour and what needs to change to continue in class.

Second Instance: We will guide them to our “Calm Space” which is equipped with various fidget toys, colouring pages, and short books. This is our alternative to previous aimless roaming around the studio.

Final Instance: We will call the child’s parents to have them sit in the class as behavioural support, or they may choose to end the session and go home.

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